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Newly created on Sunday, August 26th, exactly 30 years after my Dad's death, this journal, blog, whatever you want to call it, marks the moment I decided to do this properly and with purpose. Writing a novel, I mean.

This is just a placeholder for my first entry. The real first entry will be charming, witty and clever. It will explain how I reached this point, how I've been writing fiction since the age of five, how my 'magnum opus' is at least ten years in the making and is inspired by the single frame of a dream I've managed to hold on to all this time. It will tell you all about me, how I live in rain soaked Bristol with my wonderful husband, some tropical fish and an animatronic dinosaur called Charlie Rex.

And it'll tell you about The House at the End of the World, my first novella, which for now is why this blog exists. I have other manuscripts lying around, I write on average one novel a year - in November, during the NaNoWriMo ( fesitval of novel writing. But The House at the End of the World, or as I know it by its NaNo title, Imago, is the one I'm putting my faith it to be a good introduction to the kind of writer that I am. Many, many internet readers already know me, under my internet pseudonym, and know what and how I write.

Now, finally, after forty years, it's time to let the rest of the world know.

So keep checking back, I'll get the real first entry up sooner or later, and in early 2013 you never know... a book may well be born.

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