Madeleine Marsh


by Madeleine Marsh

First came the dead, then the un-dead, and the battle between Good and Evil.

Joe, Gabe, Emilie and Rick have seen it all; the flesh and blood, the survivors, the resistance. They might have even seen Death, and Satan driving a sports car. Now they're here, wherever here is, in a house that seems to grant wishes. So if their wishes don't extend beyond hot water, real food and a good night's sleep, who's to blame them?

They owe their lives to Matt and Luke, two guys devoted to each other, who've spent their lives tracking and killing the things Hell spits out. But if they've been victorious, what happens to them now?

After living in terror, moving from town to town and fighting inhuman creatures hell-bent on eating them, a safe, warm house feels very much like paradise. But even paradise has its downsides and only death is forever.

Cover illustration by Vongue

Check out the Stories pages to read what happened to Rick and Gabe before they hooked up with Matt and Luke.

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