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The Second Novel - Revised Post

People say the second novel is more difficult than the first, and usually worse. I've come to agree with them, whoever they are, over the last few months.

The Art of Necro-Gastronomy was due for publication in the spring of this year, 2014. It is woefully behind schedule. So much so that the cover art, done again by the wonderful Vongue, has been ready since the end of October. My plan was to use December to complete the edit and have the book out with my beta readers by January.

On November 30th, Paul Walker died in a car crash in Los Angeles.

On the face of it, and to most people, this won't seem like an event that should have had any bearing on the works of an amateur writer in Bristol, England. But it did, and now the muse and I need a change of plan. So I'm delaying the publication of the second novel until February 2015. Once again I will launch it at Redemption, my favourite convention and a truly wonderful place to be. This time I will be better prepared, hopefully. I am aiming to have actual physical copies of the book for people to buy because Kindles, iPads and all the other eBook readers out there are great but most people don't want me signing their tablet. Famous authors absolutely, but not me! It means I will need to draw up a timetable and stick to it, but I work better with deadlines and having done it once I know how long things take.

This year promises to be an exciting year, and I will spend it alternatively writing new material and editing The Art of Necro-Gastronomy. I am going to release the cover art, because Vongue's been patiently waiting for the embargo to be lifted and I don't want to make her wait another year!

Big things are ahead.

In November 2013, I participated in NaNoWriMo, which those of you who follow me on Facebook will know all about. The first draft of Gentleman Justice is, in my opinion, the best first draft I've ever written. It's the prequel to my magnum opus, Angel House and its sequel, The Sundial Group. It introduces my very own city, a place for which the only map is currently pinned to the inside of my brain. It introduces characters before impaling them on a ship's mast. It's the most fun I've had writing in a very long time and I'm planning publication for late 2016.

Finally, on Feb 28th I'm attending the book launch for my friend, Sarah Hilary's, first novel, Someone Else’s Skin. She's worked harder at achieving her dream than anyone I've ever known. She has a real editor and a real publisher. She's gone down the much more difficult and frustrating route, and I'm proud to know her and excited to be invited to the launch.

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