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With The House at the End of the World now available in Paperback and on every eReader known to man, it's time to start in on the second book. I am back to full-time working with a three month contract at a publishing company in Bath but that's no excuse, I've always managed to juggle writing and working so I need to get on with it. Since February I've been arguing with myself about what to do next. For a couple of hours the English village bank heist was in the running but there's something wrong with the DI at the heart of it and the POV is impossible. After that I fell back to what would actually be the best one to do, a supernatural 'end of the world' story with a touch of black humour. This would make a great follow-up to The House at the End of the World because it's along similar lines only with less angst and more laughs. I started editing it back in March and I liked where it was going.

Then a few weeks ago, the muse got twitchy. I didn't do NaNoWriMo last year because I was busy editing The House at the End of the World. Apart from a couple of short fanfics, I hadn't written anything new in getting on for a six months and suddenly I just wanted to write. Fanfic's great, I write it all the time, scribble it in margins and type it up in text messages. But having done one original book I'm itching to get on with the next. I've felt as if there's been an idea trying to clamber out of the rocky landscape of my mind since I started working in Bath (two ideas, but one needs to percolate for longer). Finally, one morning in late April, out it popped! An idea so simple it can be explained in one sentence with a title that already comes with its own book cover! It's now 7666 words. Once it reaches 20000 I'll consider calling it a Work In Progress and starting to drop teasers here on the website. Before I give anything away, I want to see if the idea can become a fully fledged plot worthy of 80000+ words.

It's a real buzz being at this stage, getting to know new characters as they get to know one another, letting possibilities coalesce into a story that more or less hangs together. I'm approaching the first draft the same way I approach NaNoWriMo - I'm just writing it, rarely going back to correct anything, not following any kind of plan. There's a freedom which comes with writing this way and eventually some scenes will expand and some will end up on the cutting room floor. For now I need to get from the start to the end and if the bit in the middle feels like a satisfying and successful read, I would hope to have it somewhere nearing final draft by Christmas.

I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year, and can I recommend it to anyone out there who feels like they might have a novel inside them. You don't know until you spend a month trying to force it out!

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Wow girl you're a star! You go girl!

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