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It's Done!

It's done!

After six months of editing and weeks of stress, today I pressed the Publish button at Amazon KDP and as I write, I'm in the middle of the obligatory twelve hours waiting for the book to appear for sale on Amazon so I can finally call myself a 'published author'.

The most difficult part? Writing the synopsis last night! Over a couple of hours, myself and my friend Toria bounced back edits to four short paragraphs via email and text until I was happy that the wording described the book in so much as the gore and the implied gay sex would be obvious. I'm not sure it is, but consider yourselves warned!

As well as waiting for Amazon to give me a page I can send out to everyone I've ever met, spoken to or made eye contact with in the street, I'm waiting for the paint on the nearly decorated kitchen walls to dry while I share a celebratory bottle of Canadian fizz with my wonderfully patient husband, Simon. I'm covered in paint and I think it's now all over the keyboard too.

I've learnt a lot over the last weeks and months, primarily not to mix matt and gloss. Sorry - wrong topic! I'm actually now thinking in Americanisms, I've spent so long translating from UK to US. I'm an expert in American touring trailers, I have a frank concern about the fuel economy of most American cars, and I've looked at more shades of purple than I ever knew existed.

I need to wish Adam and Steve very happy birthdays! I'm sorry I'm missing the celebrations, guys. I was desperate to get this book to Amazon, to stop tweaking it, to get it out of my brain! It's now four days to the launch party and six to the formal book launch at Redemption. I have SO much to do, mostly advertising. But I'm taking this loop off, as they say in Stargate SG1, and enjoying a moment of freedom with a cupcake and champagne.

As soon as I have the link to the book, I will post it here, on Facebook, on Twitter, I'll email and text everyone I know and I'll probably paint it across my forehead, although it might be a bit long for that....

Until then, which should be sometime tonight when many of my friends are already tipsy and possibly can't remember where they left their phones, thank you for your support so far and as soon as it's available, BUY THE BOOK!

(Only kidding.)

(Actually, I'm not.)

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