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T minus 4 weeks

It's four weeks until launch. I'm intending to upload the novella to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) the weekend before the launch party at the convention. That gives me a week to correct any formatting errors and immediate issues.

Over this weekend I sat down and went through the book, writing down - using an actual pen and actual paper! - everything that happens in every scene. It allowed for more corrections, highlighted repetition and turned into a sort of continuity check. It also seemed to highlight the little things, such as having my characters somehow driving along a toad.

The edit is now with Sue, one of my two amazing beta readers, who's going through looking for the remaining mistakes while I'm researching the last of the Americanisms. It's tough writing something set in another country. Polydent isn't sold over there for a start, last time I used 'B&B' in a story set in the US they all thought it was some flavour of S&M, and they don't seem to have taps. It's a weird and wonderful place....

Eventually you look at something for so long you get word blindness. Reading it in through a different medium helps, so with the use of Kindle's Previewer tool, I've created a very rough MOBI version of the book and at some point this week, when I'm able to get the car out of the drive without slipping and sliding on ice and snow, I'll go somewhere for a few hours and read it through again on the iPad in Kindle.

Formatting itself seems simple enough. There's nothing complicated format-wise in the book so I'll be using the facility to upload a Word document and let KDP do the rest. I've written the 'thank you' page, the acknowledgements and the copyright. I'm sure I'll find something missing and / or wrong but I have time now to sort it out.

I need to write the remaining two free short stories for the website although I'm happy to admit at this stage I've no idea what the plot is for either of them.

On the bright side, the champagne glasses have arrived for the launch party, as have the 50 postcards with the novel cover on the front. Now I just need to do the playlist, t-shirts, cards, trees and bolt holes!

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