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Being an Author: The First Week

From now until the book's published in late February, my full time occupation is 'Author'. It's always been my ambition to do this and I'm loving every second of it. I've worked most of my adult life and it's strange not to be going into an office every day, but I have a 'desk' at the end of the dining room table and I have a routine of sorts involving an 8am alarm, coffee, early morning tele and afternoon exercise accompanied by 'Lost'.

The week didn't start out as I'd expected. I found myself sitting in Honda waiting for them to discover the code for my car stereo. When the nice AA man changed the car battery before New Year, I didn't even think about it - I can't drive without my iPod!

Of course, without breaks I would go stir-crazy. I spent Tuesday shopping and drinking coffee with Mum, Thursday afternoon with the mini iPad writing in Starbucks at the Mall, and had a lovely lunch with Linda (friend and beta reader) on Friday. It is time off work as well, after all.

Wednesday was supposed to be my first full day of writing, but after finding a corrupt file on my nine-month-old laptop Tuesday night, Wednesday morning was spent backing up everything to the network. Great timing on my laptop's part, but so far it hasn't crapped out on me. ::fingers crossed::

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, with the mapping of the pre-story road trip across California complete, I started in on the final edit. I feel like I could tweak the narrative forever and never get it absolutely perfect but there has to be a point at which I stop and hand it over. The final edit of the book goes for a final proof read at the end of next week, and then the real fun starts.

The good news this week is that the owner of our local Chinese restaurant has offered to advertise the book in the restaurant and on his website, which is wonderful because while I know how to write, the marketing and publicity side of things is a steep learning curve! Any and all suggestions are welcome....

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