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December 1st - Launch Day!

Welcome to the launch of the website for author Madeleine Marsh (me!) and my upcoming debut book, The House at the End of the World.

It's lovely to welcome you all to the new site. Feel free to take a look around and make yourselves at home. Take your shoes off, put your feet up.

Here you'll find my blog, along with newly released details of the book including the hiterto embargoed front cover with illustration by Vongue. Between now and the launch of the book on 22nd February, I'll be releasing four short stories telling the tales of how my four characters - Rick, Emilie, Joe and Gabe - became embroiled with Matt and Luke, the two guys at the heart of the book. Go to the Stories section to find the first of these - Rick: At Kitties Bar.

This site wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and incredible patience of my wonderful husband, Simon. I owe him massively for writing the site against ever-changing requirements and to a very tight deadline!

I also want to thank Toria Nelson for beta-reading the first (and I'm hoping the next three!) of the short stories in time for this launch.

The book itself is out of beta and back in edit. Over the next two months I'll be editing and mapping the roadtrip which is part of the backstory - ensuring that Town A is reachable from Town B in the time allowed! It'll then return to the lovely Sue for a final read through before being formatted for publication on Kindle in time for the launch party on February 22nd.

So exciting!!!

It would be great to hear from everyone, so feel free to comment on this post or to check out the Contact page for alternative ways of communicating.

Finally, things are hotting up now so look out here and on Facebook for upcoming posts and the next three short stories leading up to the publication of The House at the End of the World.

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Definitely 'yes' to the next three :-)

- Posted by Toria on 2012-12-02 12:33:32

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