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Not Too Horrible...

So the first beta read of the book came back on Saturday and rather than being a horrible experience - seeing my work covered in red review changes - it was incredibly affirming and validating.  That someone's read through it not once but twice, that someone's been engrossed in it and has enjoyed it is a really great feeling.

I've swept through the first round of changes; spelling errors, incorrect use of grammar, Brit-isms vs. Americanisms, etc.  It was a relief to see I'd only repeated myself three times.  

Now I need to sit down with it and work through the more general comments and there was one which is easy to fix but came as something of a surprise; it's apparently standard in publishing to use single speech marks for dialogue.  I read a lot of books.  I review for the Reviewing The Evidence website, as I've said before.  This is something I should know.  But I remember my education - I have two GCSEs and an A-level in English from a respectable grammar school.  We were always taught to use " for dialogue in prose.  Otherwise, what else are they for?

So it's publishing that's wrong!  Mystery solved.  That's a relief.  

Next comment, the middle of the book needs more suspenders.  That's honestly how I first read it, and I was wondering how to accomplish that until I realised it said 'suspense'.  That was another relief, because quite honestly I was going to have trouble working silk stockings into the largely post-apocalyptic narrative.

As you can see then, the book progresses.  Work on the website is also progressing and on schedule for the start of December launch.  

My only regret at that stage is that I don't have the time to do NaNoWriMo this year, but I wish everyone taking part the best of luck and above all, enjoy it. It's a most wonderful time of the year!

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