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Mid-Life Crisis

Apologies for the delay in this blog, but I've just returned from Toronto with my husband where I faced the big 4-0 last week!  I always thought I would have a mid-life crisis.  I've spent most of the year working out what to do.  I did the Porsche thing seven years ago and it was this year that I grew up and realised what a ridiculous amount of money it was costing to keep it!  I considered the tattoo thing but I've worn temporary tattoos for years and I'm so fickle I can't decide what design to have or where to put it!  What I've slowly come to realise is that I don't need to have a mid-life crisis because finally, at 40, I'm doing the one thing I've wanted to do my whole life.  I'm writing a book.  

As I've said in previous blogs, I've written more fiction than I can remember, but this is the first time I've aimed to publish.  This is the first time I've handed something to beta readers and asked them to shred it.  This is the first time I've commissioned a cover illustration.  

Yesterday I approved the final version of artwork from Vongue.  I'll be releasing it when the formal website launches in December.  I've spent the last twenty-four hours messing with fonts and layouts for the text on the book's front cover (I *think* I've cracked it...!).  I'm awaiting the results of the beta reads (nervous as hell, yes!) and I've started on my author's Facebook page.  I'd love to hear from you over there if you have a Facebook presence.  It's not easy to chat here and once the official website's up and running it'll be easier to comment and chat on the blog because I want to hear from and about you all.

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