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So I promised more details about the launch party and here it is.  The plan is to hold the launch party for The House at the End of the World on the Friday night of Redemption 2013, the sci-fi / multi-media convention that our convention, E21, runs a programme stream for.

I thought it would be good this week to tell you, my faithful and very quiet blog readers (you can communicate by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page with your name if you'd like), about why I want to launch this at Redemption, and how we ended up at Redemption in the first place, thanks to a lovely, lovely man called Steve Rogerson.

The story goes something like this.

Once upon a time five strangers met in a hotel bar in Leicester and decided to run a convention in the UK celebrating the little-known TV show, Forever Knight.  I was one of those strangers.  Two years later, that convention didn't run.  But another one did, Eclectic 21, with an array of guests from Gareth Thomas to Jacqueline Pearce, from Ed Bishop to Michael Billington.  It was a critical success and a financial disaster with just 100 people sharing the weekend of a lifetime with us.

We couldn't afford to run again, but Alex Geairns of Cult TV fame invited us to run a programme stream for them and for the next three years we ran at Southport and Sand Bay with lovely people like Dirk Benedict, Mark Gatiss and the lovely Michael Sheard, directing people to build weapons from junk and dragging them out in costume for a round of midnight crazy golf by lantern night.  But all good things must come to an end, and just before they did Steve Rogerson invited us to run at Redemption.

Redemption is a friendly fan-run convention that celebrates sci-fi in all its forms.  E21 tries to push the envelope, daring to include such programme masterpieces as Dalek Racing, The Blake's 7 Drinking Game and Jon's now infamous E21 Air Band performing live at the Saturday night disco.  It is in this balmy, beer-soaked environment in Coventry in February 2013 that The House at the End of the World will be launched.  This is where I can reach many of my target audience as well as people who would never otherwise have considered buying the book.  This is where we can go nuts at a launch party with champagne and advertising EVERYWHERE!

I'm thinking of publishing to Kindle in the same way I think of publishing to the internet - my work being released into a hostile environment.  Launching at Redemption will give us the warm and fluffies, an opportunity to celebrate months of hard work with friends and fans and the inspiration to start readying the next one!

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