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Meet the Characters

Last week I approved the sketch for the book cover.  Veronika sent me an initial drawing on the Monday.  It was the first time I'd seen four of my characters 'in the flesh' and it was incredibly exciting!  I recognised each of them, even from behind, drawn from the descriptions I gave her.  It was another of these incredible moments that are littering the path to publication, even if it did start a two-day argument about where to put the title and author text.  

Anyway, I thought that as they've been brought from words to pictures, I would introduce them to you.  When the official website launches in December, I'll be releasing five short stories featuring each of the six main characters before the book is released.  That way, you'll know them a little bit before you read their joint story.  But until then...

Meet Joe - In July 2012 he's in his fifties, a car mechanic living in a small town in California fixing engines until late in the evenings, catching a late whisky in the bar on his walk home.  Until the day old Mr Jacobs brings his Aston Martin in for its annual service.

Meet Rick - In July 2012 he's a young man playing on the insecurities of the old and infirm, conning folk out of their pensions until he meets a man so much worse than himself.

Meet Gabe - In July 2012 he's selling Ferraris to the rich and famous in Hollywood, until the morning a man with a creepy smile buys a brand new car from him with two hundred thousand dollars in cash.

Meet Emilie - In July 2012 she's a trainee nurse at a hospital in Malibu and she's seen some horrific damage done to the human body, but it all pales against what she finds in her friend's apartment when she visits for an evening of wine and ice cream.

Then there's Matt and Luke, but they're dangerous people to know, so I'll leave them for another time....

The novel's cover is due to be completed by the end of October, with the official website launching in December.  Stayed tuned for news about plans for the launch party....

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